Moon Sworn – Keri Arthur

 Ninth and final Riley Jensen

Wow.  What can I say but a great end to a great series.  After the ending of Bound by Shadows I was really interested to see just how Ms Arthur could pull off tying up all the loose ends but also making it realistic.  I’d read a couple of interviews with Ms Arthur before tacking the book and I agree with her.  There is only so much you can do to a character before it becomes unbelievable and she really hit the right balance.

The books start with Riley really questioning her job and life as it is.  She is mourning the loss of her soul mate Kye and the death of a close friend and wondering if she can go on.  The main focus of this book is Riley.  Yes there are appearances by the other characters we have grown to love but the focus of the book is all about Riley.  About her facing her past and resolving issues so that she can start to look forward and live the live she deserves.

In each Riley Jensen book, we find Riley getting to know herself a little bit better each time.  With Moon Sworn we see not only the final pieces falling into place but also see Riley reaching an understanding with herself about the two sides of her nature and just where she wants to be.

Roan and Liander get some page time and I for one am really glad that their torturing is over and done for.  Quinn.  What can I say about Quinn?  There are times I’ve loved him and times I’ve loved to hate him. With the way he has handled the Kye matter and his steadfastness he shows in this book, all I can say is that I admire the character and I’m glad he is in Riley’s corner

I’ve read everything that Ms Arthur has published and I am looking forward to the start of Risa’s books.  I’m disappointed that the Myth & Magic books are going to end after the next one is released however, Ms Arthurs writing style continues to be entertaining and sucks be back in every time.  As long as she writes, I’ll read her books


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