Death’s Sweet Embrace – Tracey O’Hara

  2nd in the Dark Brethern Series

book cover of   Death's Sweet Embrace    (Dark Brethren, book 2)  by  Tracey O'Hara

If you want to walk on the dark side look no further than Deaths Sweet Embrace.  Its dirty, its gritty and its in your face.  The Dark Brethern are stirring and things are going to get messy.  I suggest reading or rereading Nights Cold Kiss, the first book in the series, before jumping into this book just to get up to speed with the reoccurring characters.

Its been eighteen years since Kitt/Kathryn has seen her twin daughters.  Daughters she was forced to give up at birth.  Just as she is getting the chance to know them, a serial killer is targeting paranormal children on campus.  Throw in her former lover, the father of her children, then add in a reunion with a family that shunned her and the twists and turns begin.

Usually in paranormal books, the various branches of the supernatural races are either at each others throats (no pun intended) or existing in uneasy truces but in Ms O’Hara’s books, they work together, live together and play together.  Each character while perhaps uneasy with the differences, works through these to understanding and acceptance of each other.  You can see the genuine respect.

You get pulled into the story. You barrack for the good guys and a shiver runs down your spine every time one of the bad guys appear.  These characters jump off the page and demand your attention.  Don’t think you are going to be able to put this book down because of real life because the storyline will go with you and play through your head until you sit down and continue the read.  The plot engages and you turn each page while holding your breath.

Once you finish the book, you’ll find yourself mulling over then ending and wondering what happens next.  It will also make you want to turn around and read it all over again


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