Against the Wind – Kat Martin 1st in the Raines of Wind Canyon trilogy

book cover of   Against the Wind    (Raines of Wind Canyon, book 1)  by  Kat Martin

Sometimes you need an escape. Sometimes you need to stand and fight

 So who out there did something during high school that you wished you could take back? Something that if you changed it then perhaps the life you now lived would be very different?

 Jackson Raines had been shunned at high school because of his background.  He had been classed as a misfit yet he still hoped that Sarah Allen the beautiful girl in school would go to the prom with him.  Sarah, having her own insecurities turned Jackson down and made him the laughing stock of their school.

 Ten years on and Sarah is back in town.  The town she couldn’t wait to leave behind her.  This time around she wants to make amends for the way she had treated Jackson but first she has to deal with the more recent past of her husband’s death.

 Ok I really fell for Jackson.  Maybe it’s the cowboy part of him or just that even after everything that’s been thrown at him; he is still a warm, gentle and considerate character.  The journey of both these characters, separately and together is believable.  I’m sure there are those of us out there that have followed this path.

 The way the author deals with the issue of spousal abuse in a sympathetic way is touching.  While there is much media today about the rights of women, once they are in an abusive situation, its not always that easy to reach out.

 Overall I loved the western feel and the characters.  There is a great supporting cast and I’m looking forward to reading about the other to brothers in Against the Fire and Against the Law


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