Angelfire – Courtney Allison Moulton

 book cover of   Angelfire   by  Courtney Allison Moulton

I haven’t read many YA novels.  Actually after trying to read the Twilight novels, I gave up on the whole genre.  Angelfire has changed my mind.  This is no angsty, hormone riddled; woe is me, where is my knight in white shining armour.  It’s more Karen Marie Monings Fever series for teens.  Make those older teens

Ellie has struggled with nightmares for months and thinks her biggest problem is her grades.  Unfortunately her nightmares are flashes of her past lives and now she has to face reapers and her past.

Will on the other hand has stood by and waited for time to move far enough forward for him to reclaim his place as her guardian.  We’re not talking controller of her life or money, we’re talking about her protector, partner and last line of defense.

I liked that there was no over the top romance.  The journey and action of this book is the major importance and the author moves the story well in this regard.  This is Urban Fantasy for YA.  None of the characters are weak or one dimensional.  The brand name dropping which can be a problem in this genre is at a minimum and the action sequences are balanced out by the downtime and the reflections.

All in all this is an enjoyable novel that I would be happy to hand over to any teenager with the knowledge that they would enjoy it without being bombasted by the sexual overtones or damsel in distress out there at the moment.


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