Atlantis Unmasked – Alyssa Day

 The sixth book in the Warriors of Poseidon series

book cover of   Atlantis Unmasked    (Warriors of Poseidon, book 6)  by  Alyssa DayAt the end of Atlantis Unleashed we were left with Grace, one of the leaders of the human rebellion, dashing her best friend Michelle to the hospital after an attack on their headquarters by the vamp’s and shape shifters. Along for the ride to protect them is Alexios, one of the seven.

 Grace is a descendent of Diana Goddess of the hunt and as such her arrows never miss. Grace took up her bow after the death of her brother ten years ago at the hand of the vampires. They are attacked by more vamps on the way to the hospital and its touch and go whether Michelle will survive. Grace falls apart in Alexios arms and they share a kiss from which Alexios flees.

 After surviving two years of unspeakable torture at the hands of the vampire goddess, scarred Atlantean warrior Alexios wants only one thing: to crush his enemies. And this next mission—to snatch the Vampire’s Bane from the hands of his deadliest foe—promises to do just that…if he can only survive.

Sometime later, Grace is at her training base in St. Augustine and goes for a swim on her brother’s birthday to remember him. On leaving the water she is confronted by Prince Rhys from the High Seelie court and he asks her to arrange a meeting with Alexios because the Fae wish to present a gift to the son of Prince Conlan and Riley. Prince Rhys also lets it be known that Vonos the Primator vampire leader in DC possesses the Vampire’s Bane and it is believed to be in his home that is right near the Grace’s training base.

 Now the Fae are notorious for never giving a gift without strings attached (does anyone hear the phrase Beware of Greeks bearing gifts lol) as well as from staying aloof from all that happens in the world so you begin to wonder just what is going on. At the same time this is happening, Alexios is meeting with a longtime friend and ally Lucas from the Yellowstone pack of shape shifters where they are attacked by shape shifters not of Lucas pack. Once the attacking shifters have all been killed, Alexios spirits back to Atlantis to be a part of the joy of the birth of Prince Conlan’s son. While there, he is requested to go to Grace and help her train the next batch of recruits.

 On arrival, Alexios feels the pull of Grace and tries to avoid her. When Grace finally corners Alexios and the truth comes out about his past and hers, they both realize that there is much to overcome.

As always I loved this book. Each time I settle down to read about one of the warriors, I know I’m going to want more. Each book is different from the one before but we still have visits from the characters that come before. This book I see as a transitional one. Ms Day is giving us more information about the human rebel forces and you can start a bigger picture of everyone involved. I like how Ms Day is expanding the world she has created. I want to learn more about the shape shifters and the fae. I live in hope that we might even see dragons in these books.  

Atlantis Unmasked – Alyssa Day


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