The Deadliest Bite – Jennifer Rardin


I sat down to read this book with a touch of sadness.  As all of you are no doubt aware, Ms Rardin passed away late last year and I for one mourn the loss of a writer of her calibre. I have loved this series from the get go.  The action and the insecurities.  To open the first page of this book and slot right back into the world Ms Rardin created was like slipping on a favourite glove.

The action is intense and you can at times feel like you are on a runaway freight train being pummelled by tornado force winds.  But just like tornadoes, there are passages of quiet but intense reflection and emotion.

Make no mistake, by this book Jaz and Vayl are fully fleshed and three dimensional characters that are happy with the skin they live in.  There is a brilliant support cast and while they add dimension to the story, at the same time they manage to shine the spotlight right back onto Jaz and Vayl.

Regardless of the ending, this book is a fitting finish to the series.  Almost as if Ms Rardin knew that there was only so much she could do to her characters before it was no longer believable.  While when I read, its t escape to another world, there has to be some form of reality to it.

Bravo MS Rardin, may you rest in peace.  Your humour, characters and most especially yourself will be sorely missed


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