Lucan – Susan Kearney

book cover of 
 (Pendragon Legacy, book 1)
Susan Kearney

This book was refreshing.  It combines my love of history (Knights of the Round Table anyone) with my favourite mythical beast (dragons). Throw in a dash of futuristic worlds, space travel action and a wee bit magic and we’re set.

Its great how Ms Kearney makes our hero Lucan, an earthling, into the alien on a mission.  His mission : find the Holy Grail to save earth who is slowly dying out with no new births being recorded.  To do so he must travel light years from earth to the planet Avalon in his quest .  Avalon has its own set of problems.  A society that once was advanced but much of their technology has been lost.

Lady Cael is the High Priestess of Avalon.  Doomed to live a live removed from all things we take for granted like human touch.  She is the only dragon shifter on her planet and as such is drawn into the politics of her world whether she wants to be or not.

Probably the best thing about this book is that its light and fast paced.  There is no getting bogged down in all the technical details as well as no long passages devoted just to trying to explain each world you encounter.  All of the information is spread throughout the book and you are never over whelmed with too much information at once


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