La Vida Vampire – Nancy Haddock

With a day job, family and a child who plays way to much sport, my love of reading and reviewing can sometimes take a backseat.  I don’t often get time to reread books I have reviewed and put on my keeper shelf.

Happily with the release of “Always a Vampire” just around the corner, I made time to sit down and re read La Vida Vampire.  This character is such a quirky vampire that you just wish she was real and that you could hang with her.  Don’t be fooled by the early description of her as “,,, Gidget with fangs and an accent”  She is all vampire but with some brilliant extras.

This book is part paranormal, a little bit of history, throw in a drop of mystery and suspense swirl it all around and a whole lot of fun.  Cesca is a character  who has made a conscious decision to not follow the norms of vampire life.  You have to giggle when you find out that she has to hold her nose to drink blood.  She is more interested in getting her life back on track and enjoying her under life.  That’s her way of describing herself.  She has a heartbeat, albeit a very slow one as well as a pulse.  Cesca is more interested in fitting in rather than standing out and being a BAD NASTY vampire.

In a genre where most paranormal books are dark, intense with a bit of tortured and scary thrown in, Ms Haddock finds a balance with fun and light without completely throwing out the rules of vampire lore .

By the end of this book, I wanted to jump of a plane and fly to Florida just to see the world through Ms Haddocks eyes


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