Last Vampire Standing – Nancy Haddock


Last Vampire Standing by Nancy Haddock

Cesca Marinelli is on an afterlife high until a budding stand-up comic, Jo-Jo the Jester, escapes from his Atlanta nest looking for sanctuary. Jo-Jo may put a new bite in comedy, but things hidden in the shadows aren’t so funny, and one of them is hiding an energy-sapping plague that’s knocking off the country’s head vamps. Will Cesca get the last laugh, or will a killer be the last vampire standing?

What can I say that I haven’t said before? I love this series.  It’s light, entertaining, refreshing for the lack of “darkness” and funny.  After dragon’s being my all time favourite fantasy characters, dolphins come close to the top of my favourites list of “real” animals.  Now for those of you who have read La Vida Vampire and now Last Vampire Standing, dolphins appear everywhere.  From Cesca’s old friend Triton, to a stuffed toy in her bedroom and I believe even her jamies.  These little details are what make this book stand out.  The attention to even the smallest details

In this book, Cesca’s world is expanding.  We meet Jo-Jo who when trying to be serious if funny but when trying to be funny kind of makes a hash of it.  She has been practising some of her super powers but now with Jo-Jo on the scene, Saber is determined for her to learn and use ALL of her skills.  This leads to a very funny scene that involves a bridge and Pandora in panther size that gave me the giggles.

Cesca has got a quasi permanent stalker and a really HOT man in Saber.  He is a man who is fully aware of himself and happy in his skin.  There is none of the possessiveness in him that to often litters the paranormal genre.

There is the mystery/suspense element that makes the detective in me sit up and start taking notes.  I eagerly turn the pages looking for the clues.  I want to know more about Pandora and Cosmil as well as the Void.  I loved Cesca’s sassiness with Triton.  In my opinion she was way too nice on him when giving him a piece of her mind.

These books have a permanent place on my keeper shelf and they are on my go to shelf when all other books are looking blah. These books are “curl up on a comfy couch, settle back and let the world just wash away” books.   I can’t wait to get my hands on Always The Vampire that’s due out on the 3rd of May


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