How do you sort your books?

I’m not sure of anyone else out there but recently I’ve been thinking about the different categories of books.  I’m not talking genre’s I talking about the “need”factor to read them.  I’ve broken it downinto the following and wonder if anyone else feels the same.

  1. Books You want to read – Now the books that fallinto this category for me are : current book in a series I’m addicted to.  If it the ending of the series, this makes it even more so.
  2.  Books you have to read. -This includes textbooks (blah), recipes books(if you cook) how to books or books you receive to review
  3.  Books that jump out and bite you – The covers suck you in, the blurb makes your heart race, you keep hearing about the book and figure you better read it before you go mad.
  4.  Then there’s the books you didn’t know you had to read until you read them.


Now this is just my way of sorting them in my head.  How do you sort your books?


About theaussiebookworm

I'm a reader and a book reviewer
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