About Me


So after much procrastinating, I’ve decided it high time for me to start my own blog/ book review site.  This way I know I’ll be able to review the books I want to review, post the reviews when they need to be posted and hopefully have a jolly old time while doing so.

Now I read everything. Well just about.  I have been caught reading an encyclopedia so I guess you could say I am pretty open to reading anything.  I don’t really have a favorite genre but I do have favorite authors and as the blog goes along I’m sure you are going to work out who they are.

Horror is one area that I don’t read in.  Something to do with wanting to be able to sleep  means that I tend to avoid this genre.  I read books with elements of horror but not the hard core blood, guts, evil twisted„, I think you get the idea.

All time favorite author is Anne McCaffrey.  Not just her Dragonriders of Pern series but also the Crystal Singer series, Brain & Brawn series, Tower and the Hive series, Power series and Talent series.  I’m really enjoying the Barque cats at the moment.

Currently I’m reading books in the fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal genres with a bit of erotica thrown in for good measure.  Over the next couple of weeks I will be moving old reviews over here so that they are all in the one place and I’ll start to write some more

I hope you enjoy hanging out here and please feel free to email me at belles74@hotmail.com with any hints or suggestions



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